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Welcome to Safety Fire & Rescue Solutions. We are reliable, trusted health and safety consultants.

A company who specialise in risk management, Safety consultancy, health and safety training, Fire protection, Event Management, TV and film services and life safety with business resilience.

We are based in Manchester with a national coverage. 


Our bespoke fire and safety services benefit client specific needs. A partnership ethos ensures compliance and resilience by Managing Risks, Protecting People, Businesses and Reputation.

Our professionalism with a pragmatic approach ensure that Health, Safety and Fire Safety regulatory oligations are met and often exceeded.


Our Health and Safety Consultancy and Safety Training courses provide the cornerstones of risk management.

When risk assessments identify residual fire risks that can't be managed in house; then a reasonable control measure maybe to employ the services of an on-site independent fire service. Safety Fire & Rescue offer the benefits of a combination of proactively managing risks with a complete onsite monitoring service and the added benefit of an incident first response service. This ensures stability with continuity when in a time of need. The provision of Qualified Firefighters, Experienced Fire, Rescue and First Aid Responders, Vehicles, Equipment and systems afford resilliance, life safety and asset protection.

Safety Fire and Rescue Response is a risk based service; designed to support your organisation in managing risks, ensuring life safety with asset and fire protection. Stakeholders have the comfort of compliance, business continuity, due diligence with resilience. Ensuring your specific business aims and objectives are delivered, organisational risk is managed; loss from incidents reduced while productivity and reputation are maintained. 


Safety Fire & Rescue Solutions - Managing risks, protecting people, business and reputation. 


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